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Theo and I, live on The Scheme Project’s broadcast

Theo Soula Live In The Studio

Live In The Studio Scheme ProjectDoing my bit again for injured workers and hoping that sharing my story will bring positive change to the primitive Workers Compensation system in Australia.

Both Theo and I attended today’s live broadcast with Kris Vanston, Simon Toppin and their team to discuss the aims of The Scheme Project.

My specific rants are;

  • the inadequate methods of assessment for pain impairment within the system,
  • the out of date Accident Compensation Act 1985 and limiting AMA Guidelines also used for assessment,
  • the ‘Independent’ Medical Examinations (which are certainly not independent), and
  • the putrid investigation methods, (actually I could go on)…

Basically the whole system needs an update, this is not quality insurance or appropriate and respectful treatment for any person living in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter.

It’s time to speak up wherever and however you are involved with this system and contact The Scheme Project to contribute your experience.

Listen to the live broadcast here. Sign the petition or pledge funds so The Scheme Project can produce their documentary.

The Scheme Project


The Scheme Project

I met with Kris Vanston yesterday after making my pledge to The Scheme Project last week and an exchange of some cyber chit-chat. We realised we had something in common, we want to better the Australian WorkCover system.

What is The Scheme?

(Sound file and excerpt from www.thescheme.com.au)

The Scheme Thumb
We’ve all heard the sensationalist news reports, however the true statistics behind injured workers are alarming; less than 0.5% of injured workers are the ‘fraudsters’ you might see on TV (Victorian Ombudsman’s report 2011), yet most injured workers are spied on by private detectives (yes, really), they’re made out to be guilty until proven innocent, each year costing taxpayers over $14 million in Victoria alone. It seems everyone involved in the system is growing tired of it’s inefficiencies, ultimately though, it’s the injured workers that gets left behind. Insurance companies are delaying and denying claims that should be processed because they can make a profit from it. Recently, CGU (one of WorkCover’s insurers), had locked up over 10,000 files in a hidden cupboard and manipulated invoices which made the company $2.5 million in profits. Now you have to ask yourself. How much more of this behaviour is not being reported? How much information is so incriminating to bodies such as WorkSafe or insurance companies, that they are willing to pay to suppress it? We are here to find out! Sign our Petition below and have your voice heard! We thank you for your continued much needed support. Continue Reading

Performance ‘fit for modified duties’


Did you all hear I’m back at work part time? Much thanks to our flexible home/office setup and Theo’s immense help. Regardless, how lucky am I hey? But oops, hang on, I have to correct myself. It’s not lucky for me, it’s lucky for the WorkSafe Agent. And I must clarify because from their point of view I didn’t get myself back to work, it had nothing to do with my research, the practitioners I found, their treatment and great therapies (or my hip pocket!). Nope, nothing to do with nerve blocks and medication, but rather, my high activity levels. Yeeees, I have been a full time artist and I’ve been caught red-handed!!!

Excited as I was to finally be seen as ‘fit for modified duties’, I was looking forward to receiving the WorkSafe Agent’s promised ‘dispatch’ mail. I expected to see copies of my new job description, Doctor’s capacity report and a letter explaining I would no longer be entitled to weekly benefits. What also came though, was a ruthless bundle of papers including video and photographic surveillance from February this year, that although amounted to a bunch of thin air, somehow became the reason I was ‘fit for modified duties’. I knew where this was going… Continue Reading

The big bang injury


It wasn’t enough that I kept active by walking the dog every morning, practicing yoga 4 x 45 mins a week, occasionally running the dog a little at the park in the afternoon to break up the day, walking to Fitzroy, Richmond, the City, Carlton, local cafes, dinners, outings, long drives and worked by day and was in the studio by night (whenever we weren’t socialising), I thought I sat too long… so I bought a fitball to make sure my chore stability was being cared for while I was sitting. Hmmm. All was going well until my (antiburst) fitball burst! I fell to concrete flooring in a split second (or as my husband, Theo says, I seemed to hover for a split second before going down).

This was the ‘major’ event that changed my life and 5 years later led me to putting this site together. Still to this day, I can’t believe that ‘bang’ was severe enough to have actually stopped me. I seemed to think I was a little invincible, well I never had any issues before, not one sick day, I was convinced I’d be fine in 8 weeks after having an x-ray that even though looked awfully cloudy to me, came back with fractureless results. But that’s all that was checked. No MRI, no pelvic scan, no SI Joints… after all, it didn’t seem like such a bad accident.

I went back to my Doctor when the 8 weeks were up still complaining of pain and that I could feel something about 2 inches behind me into the right buttock, as if someone had put a thick needle in there and my doctor thought I should be checked out by a rectal surgeon. All clear again, nothing wrong with the coccyx but mind you, hellish pain when I got home and for the next 24 hours. The examination sent me into, what I recognise now, is a flare up. I was confused… how can ‘nothing’ be causing so much pain.

I continued trying to work, deteriorating while my pain increased and with my aids building up around me. I stood on towels to minimise the sensitivity that was getting worse every month, I lay down more, The flare ups were increasing, I tried Massage, Acupuncture, Feldenkrais, Hydrotherapy, a Chiropractor, Pain Management Centres, Psychology, I found an Orthopaedic Surgeon who did extensive x-rays finally and they came back pretty perfect (minor disc bulge)… I was at my witts end. All I was stuck with was a tremendously impressive medical CV!!!

I reached the point where I could no longer stand bare foot, could not lay on my back, had to sleep every day for 1-3 hours to calm the nervous system which was the only way to lower the pain, everything hurt. I stopped working..

In May 2009 I had a follow-up MRI that showed I had a retroverted uterus. This doesn’t mean much more than I have a retroverted uterus, apparently women have either retro or antiverted and actually both as it should move with our motion, but I remembered that I had an antiverted uterus and thought to check it out. My brilliant gynecologist, Professor Michael Quinn (Lifesaver: Ovarian Cancer Testing) who felt things were just a little too tender, whipped me in for a laparoscopy the following Monday.

Of course I thought I was going to be cured. Had to be something simple…

Findings: A very thickened rectovaginal septum and a thickened left uterosacral ligament also. The septum was resected.

I woke up on my back. And strangely extremely relieved to hear that there was something wrong and it was dealt with. The laparoscopic procedure had me in recovery mode for about 5 weeks but I lost the feeling that a 2 inch needle was inside me, I was sitting, I had very little pain, still tender when I sat, but my heel sensitivity was gone and by 7 weeks I could shake myself and it felt wonderful. I went back to Professor Michael Quinn, I told him he cured me to which he obviously replied, I couldn’t have cured your back pain.

I had 3 blissful months before some serious pain began again. Seemed as I increased my capacity another onion layer surfaced. By January 2011 I didn’t know what to do with myself again.

Continue reading: The way relief started…
Download the full story: My story of my struggle with Pelvic Chronic Pain (since March 2007)

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