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Soula and Theo interview on Gail Zahtz’ Health and Design blogtalkradio show


Gail Zahtz PromoFor those that missed my live interview today with the brilliant Gail Zahtz on her Health and Design blogtalkradio show, you can listen again here.

The plan was to talk art, design, and pain advocacy but we weren’t about to fit all that into two hours, and especially not when Theo joined in to add his valuable perspective about living with someone who has chronic pain.

To add to the conversation we also touched on pain and injured workers and had the amazing Rosemary McKenzie Ferguson join in to our chat. A most fulfilling effort in discussing what living with pain is like, from our very personal perspective.

Thank you Gail Zahtz for inviting me, your achievements and efforts to help others in pain when you have your fair share is just so inspiring. I’m so touched you included us and think of us as inspiring to others. I truly hope we can be.

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