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Hello, my name is Soula Mantalvanos and I am a 44 year old Australian (parents from Cyprus) living in Victoria. Thank you for visiting my site, I hope my experience can be of great help to you or anyone you may know suffering from chronic pelvic pain, particularly related to Pudendal Neuralgia caused by injury or trauma.

Soula & her marionette, Ms Soula

My intention for this website is to raise awareness for Pudendal Neuralgia so that it is addressed and treated appropriately, and disperse current descriptions of ‘myth’, ‘syndrome’ and ‘psychological condition’. My chronic pelvic pain began when a fitball I was sitting on burst and I fell to the concrete floor in March 2007.

As mentioned in the disclaimer, my website will document my injury, my treatment (appropriate and not), relevant resources I have found online and also material kindly provided to me, by my treating practitioners, specialists in Australia and Internationally.

Readers will also find me writing extensively about my frustrations, disappointment and the unnecessary and unhelpful obstacles I’ve had to endure as a ‘long term’ injured worker of the Work Cover system. My intention to document this information is to create a resource for our Government to draw upon, have a place for injured workers to learn more about this primitive system and how I handle it.


    • Do you have pelvic chronic pain?
    • Have you had this pain since injury, pregnancy, birth, or some other trauma to your pelvic area?
    • Does it feel like a toothache, does it itch and gnaw, do you feel like you’re on fire?
    • Do you feel spasms, fluttering and glitchy?
    • Are your toilet signals irregular?
    • Is there no obvious issue on your x-rays and MRIs?
    • Do you find distraction can often work incredibly but afterwards the pain becomes excruciating?
    • Is the pain often worse after activity rather than during?
    • Do you feel no one quite understands you, your explanations, and your pain descriptions?
    • Have you been told you have a Psychological Condtion, that you sound like you’re crazy?
    • Do you associate your pain with ringing in your ears and feel you can’t quite pinpoint where it is?
    • Would you say its painful to speak at times?
    • Have you had endless appointments with no relief?
    • Do vibrations, a fright, or bumps send a serge through your spine?
    • Do your legs feel weak?
    • Do you find sitting unbearable?
    • Have you fallen on your coccyx and after years, does it still feel like it happened yesterday?
    • Are you part of the Work Cover system and feel you are being treated poorly and that the whole system is like a circus?
    • Do you feel the Work Cover system can’t help with return to work because the WorkSafe Agent treats you poorly?
    • Do you feel the system is out of date and primitive and has no impairment assessment methods for Chronic Pain?

Then I sadly welcome you (NOT) to my world. Please subscribe so you keep up-to-date with my progress.

Hopefully you’ll find a road to relief here or at the very least a place to release your frustrations.

P.s. Pain hasn’t killed my sense of humour, look out for it as you read along!!

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